Fiddlehead Pop

The nature of it is to open…these sounds are meant to give it a push in the riGht direction….the second half of the proGram has leaves ready to burst out:

You Can’t Go- Lonnie Lester
Drinking Song (Interlude)- Alice Russell
I’m a Good Woman- Hannah Williams & the Tastemakers

Papa Was Stoned- Fort Knox Five
Pimptroduction- Nick Pride & the Pimptones (Nick Pride Remix)
Triple X (Drum intro)- Redtenbacher’s Funkestra
Triple X- Redtenbacher’s Funkestra Ft. Michael B. Nelson’s Hornheads

Gettin’ Squinty- Club d’Elf
Enter the Fagan- the Mackrosoft

Mojo On- K-OS
Fade Me (outro)- Amp Live
Cadillac- Dungeoneese
Sindromes Modernos- Violeta Vil
Delhi Dungeons- Skip & Die
Warsaw- Dessa

Bootleg Fireworks- Boundary
Rocketship- Body Language
Carillon- Body Language

Feed You- Double Yellow
Praxis Makes Perfect- Neon Neon
Good Thing- Naytronix
If you Want me to- Adam & Binki

Funeral Biz(welcome to Detroit interlude)- Tall Black Guy
Take a Look (at yourself)- Guru Ft. Roy Ayers
Fade- Knxwledge
Besita- Empresarios
Fundamental (opiate remix)- Blue Foundation


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