Fireworks for a Snail

I want to thank Jans Ingber of the Motet for being a guest on the show. We spoke of The bands upcoming gig at the Majestic on the 28th, how the production exploration process works for them…we also touched on the new album and how the collaboration of writing tracks rejuvenates them as artists and well, these guys know how to throw a good party!! The momentum and the morale of the band is hiGh and that should make for a great show in Madison (especially since it has been a long time since they’ve been here). The snail celebrates with a slow show of fireworks and the background sound was this:

Danse Macabre- Dusty Ft. Bad Jazz Troupe
Light Years Ahead- Nicole Willis & the Soul Investigators
F.K.D.- the Strides

Topsy Turvy- the Sign of Four
Agaricus Campestris- Sun Suite
Four n Twenty- Cookin’ on Three Burners
Do What I Wanna do- The Impellers

Slice of Humanity- the Motet->
Afro Disco Beat- the Motet
**Live on air conversation w/Jans Ingber of the Motet**
Push- the Motet
Go Go Bananas (Qdup Foundation Remix)- All Good Funk Alliance
The Healing (Zabiela’s 85 Remix)- James Zabiela
Nomthandazo- Freshlyground
The Future is Yours- Kraak & Smaak
Cumbianchamuyo- Frikstailers
Heart Seed (The Are Remix)- DJ Sun Ft. Leah Alvarez

Goblin- Nigel Hayes & Clare Large
Barcelona- La Troba Kung Fu (Andy Loop, Toti & Maxi Remix)
No Say Del Valle- Flowering Inferno (Nicodemus & Zeb Remix)
Dandilion- Funkommunity (Pablo Sanchez Remix)

Dawg Friendly- JJ Doom
Strange Recreation- Jesse Boykins & MeloX


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