Freedom 4 Donovan

I’ve been following this story for what seems to be…no HAS BEEN years….I had the opportunity to speak to Ronny Drayton today, not because of his credits and status as a talented musician but because his son, Donovan has been incarcerated for years at Rikers Island without a shred of evidence to prove that he was guilty of anything, nevermind the terrible crime of murder. This conversation lasted a half of an hour and was a very heavy deal, which I know boiled the blood of many of the listeners out there. Please take the time to read Donovan and Ronny’s story written by friend of the proGram, Mr. Greg Tate and when you feel those words, hearing Ronny describe the situation (as deeply as he could), was so intense and emotion filled… was meaningful to be a part of it…and my hope and Ronny’s hope is that the next time he and I speak will be to share new music projects he is constantly involved/evolved in….as well as to celebrate the freedom of Donovan. While it stopped seeming important, there was music attached to this conversation…the three songs following the conversation w/Ronny are off a new album you can look into here (to help the cause).

Airfield- Javelin
Same Old Clown- Chico Mann
Asi Soy (Instrumental)- Deela
Jazz Face (Ambient Jazz Ensemble Rework)- Ambient Jazz Ensemble
Alien Abduction- Jafu

Anxious Sin- Tijuana Cartel
Tusk Dance- Mo Kolours
Seraphim- Simian Mobile Disco (live)

**Live on air Conversation w/Ronny Drayton:4Donovan’s Freedom**
Black Empress of the Sun- Dope Sagittarius & MazzMuse
Dragonfly- Ted Stiles
Don’t Take My Freedom Away- Alex Lozupone w/Pain Hertz

Illegal Dub- Dub Trio
Dear Prudence- Bad Brains (live)
Beyond Within- Pharaohs
Push- Wisdom
Hangin’ Out- Naytronix
Seventy Three- Dusty


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