Wax Tailor was the House

After having “Wax Tailor” on the proGram to talk about the latest release, and what one could expect from the show on February 6th at the High Noon Saloon, one would think we would have been prepped for the event, you know, be ready for it. But as quick as the stage was on for Wax Tailor, we were brought into a story, a plot-line…an individual experience within a shared doing…..we we all going. We were featured in this film. The set was an experience pieced together by the visual minds eye escape as well as the surveyor of the crowd, the watchers of their surroundings got more than bargained for as well. The infamous WT soundbytes were the laces on the grooved up beat shoes, it held the story tiGht. It all made no…yet sense all at the same time. The music made it happen. The tunes got lush with funky lounged down and up grooves surrounded by a hip hop facilitation by Mattic on the Mic. He said it, he felt it and he meant it. When Charlotte Savary was on the stage, we were lured into a state of the otherworld, a hypnotic voyage where the words were ridden over the music, over the crowd….toGether but solo. When the show came to a close, it was one of those were you gather yourself back, and I swear I saw my name rolling down within the credits.


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