Which Way it Flows Goes

If you know you can follow, if you get lost you can carve anew….the starting line can be erased and the finish line often is found elsewhere…go with the flow…go with the flow. The music in the second half of the proGram’s setlist is a guide only..here it is:

Sunny is Drunk- Mike Dillon
Hit There- Poogie Bell Band ->
Dark & Happy- Poogie Bell Band
Wake up- Heem the Music Monsters
Teacherman- Barbara St. Claire
Funktown- Nate Calhoun
Mellow Feeling- Barbara Lynn
Street Beats- Ron Levy’s Wild Kingdom

Wait & See- the Heshoo Beshoo Group
Last Time- the Anchors
Flaming Souls- Mosquito
Peace to you- RonKat Spearman Katdelic Ft. George Clinton/Kim Manning/Belita Woods
High- Seravince
Truth- Karen Nielsen
New World- Zap Mama (live KCRW Studio)
Asa Branco- Ballake Sissoko
Garden- Papadosio
The Throwaway- Yancy Boys Ft. Frank Nitt
Time to Get Loose- All Good Funk Alliance Ft. Bigstuff & Tank (Skeewiff Remix)

No Time to Play- Guru Ft. Ronny Jordan & DC Lee
Johnny B Goode- Lorenzo MenzerSchmidt
Check the Gage- Lorenzo MenzerSchmidt


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