JD McPherson’s High Noon

First off, I want to thank JD’s people for taking such good care of me with an invite to check out the show at the High Noon Saloon. The last time JD McPherson and the boys were in town was for the Orton Park Festival in last Summer and he and I had a chance to chat about what people could expect. And the people came out and they got what they wanted. The same can be said this time around at the High Noon when a big ole crowd got more of the same good times. JD (obviously nursing a sore throat or cold) and the boys took the roof and flipped it into a dancefloor with the rhythm-arock-a-billy stylin’s that can be listened to with ease. Jimmy Sutton on stand up bass too his whapp-a-bass stroke to higher levels and with a constant smile. The band was as tight as ever and oh so fun lovin’, if ever there were crowd pleasers, they can be found hanging out with these guys keepin’ the rocks-a-rollin’ and the feets-a-stompin’. JD featured many tracks off the wonderful 2012 release “Signs and Signifiers”, while the Jimmy led Bo Diddly moment brouGht back good memories of a friend. You can check out JD and the boys if they come to a town near you, but also on December 4th, they” be on Letterman. If they do come to a spot nearbye, maybe dress the part and follow your ears on down. Open the show was Joel Paterson and the Modern Sounds, who were a perfect match for this event.

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