Thollem in Madison

Last niGht I took myself out to the Frequency to catch some solo Thollem McDonas. After airing some tunes from Tsigoti and his Thollem/Parker/Cline – The Gowanus Sessions album on the proGram, I was thrilled to find out from him he’d be in these parts. In meeting Thollem I confirmed that cool is. He makes music that speaks to me and tonight (he actually let the opening act be the headliner as it was Grimm’s first time doing what he was doing in a live setting on his home court) the language was clear to my eyes and ears. It was like reading the book as it was being written. Notes running to and through and holding each other close by in a race to the end, a Black Friday frenzy in fact, ended his set, and visually I could see all the people that had been waiting in line for deals, leave the starting blocks as the doors finally opened. And the reasons they were there stayed only known to themselves. It is just there that I met and shook hands with Thollem and his music. There is a welcoming and comfortable moment with person and sound and I look forward to the next encounter. If you get the chance to have this encounter before I do aGain, I say make sure you put on your open minds and be prepared to write that new story.

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