The Wood Brothers in Madison

Since I decided to make radio a part of my world, an active part, there have been certain artists that I feel a connection to because of their stories within the music. The Wood Brothers are just as important to me as the early on nursery rhymes and Richard Scary books. Chris’ band MMW produces sounds that are engrained within my mindsapce as a staple in my musical diet, and Oliver’s former band King Johnson is like a reunion of favorite uncles gathered toGether doing things that they tell you: “Don’t tell your parents”. After interviewing Chris and talking about how they have left such a mark, it was easy to hear in his voice that he was pleased that I get where they are coming from. And that I convey that to the listeners in story form and track selection. And get it we did on this night when they came to Madison and did their thing at the Majestic Theater. They graced us with new renditions of some old treats, some teases of new tunes but mostly it was a continuation of familiar tales, told in a voice that has an extra something, a lunging forward rocking chair step that kept making me feel like I was on the front porch and the dinner bell was ringing. I can hear the screen door closing now….BAM. Satisfied but not too full is how I left this show. Sound like a musical meal you’d like to try. I’d hope so.

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