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It was another episode of Frail PaGans that resembled the preamble to my constitution, the riGht to and the reminder to, no matter. Stories of times in the past of first level pulls or ballot checks…Victor and I brouGht home the point and the reminder that our global family depends on us building that bridge. I also had the honor of having Chris Wood of the Wood Brothers on the program. We spoke of the upcoming show this Friday at the Majestic, the new live CD which features versions of tunes recorded right here at the Majestic last time round….we went over the track “Doppler” from the newest live Medeski Martin & Wood album “Free Magic” and spoke of his and Oliver’s fathers influence on them as musicians and performers. It was in fact, a great ending to the proGram…Here’s what went around that:

Chris Cross- the Skinny
Tastin’ Nasty- PB and the Jam
Amen Brother- the Bamboos
Wait a Minute- the Excitements
the Clap Hands Song- T Bird & the Breaks

Tour Guide- Amerigo Gazaway
Economy with Dignity- Charlie Hunter & Scott Amendola
You Mess me Up- the New Mastersounds
Pajaritos- Blue Pyramid
If Only- Double Yellow

The Way it Goes- Dilouya & Smoove & Turrell Ft. Sandra Nka
Last Station Sound Georgian- CMC & Silenta
Organ Donor- DJ Shadow
(extended overhaul re-edit)
Um “oh” e um “ah”- Tom Zé
Salty Dog- Marvin Phillips
Shrimp & Gumbo- Dave Bartholomew
Louisiana- Percy Mayfield

Bagblues- Thomas Lukassek
Roma Project (Robert Soko Remix)Antwerp Gipsy Ska Orchestra
Pitti y Titi- Jose Conde (Putumayo Version)
Jamaica Farewell- Dan Zanes Ft. Angelique Kidjo
Frail Pagans Theme Song- Victor DeLorenzo
***Episode #6 of Frail PaGans… the Erec..err…Election Edition”- Victor DeLorenzo/MisterG***
Johnny B Goode- Lorenzo MenzerSchmidt
Where My Baby Might Be- the Wood Brothers (live from the Majestic in Madison)
***On air conversation with Chris Wood***
Spirit- the Wood Brothers (live)
Grand Gestures- Grouse
Walk Away- We Have a Ghost

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