Victor Wooten’s Madison Slappa

After talking with Vic on the proGram about the two newest releases “Sword & Stone & Words & Tones” and his general philosophy regarding the joy of music and the honor it is to have the fortune and ability to share the music with others, I was more than anxious to catch his show at the Majestic Theater. With an all star cast behind him including Steve Bailey, who the crowd feel for heavy during his bass solo (I believe the rush to get his CD started right after his last solo note which included a miraculous Beatles Medley), and the talk of recent shows new lead singer Crystal Peterson, who really lit into her songs with soul and feeling…Man what people are sayin’ is true. I believe my socks were lost as they were easily knocked right off. When Vic starts off with cello in hand, the journey begins. It is like he said….’everything else is a rehearsal for this moment’. He breaths life into the music with his thumpin, slappin’ sinGing and being……he is one with what he is doing and the amazing thing is how well his band sync’s up with him. The opening act had van troubles which lead to a slight treat for us, Victor Wooten and band would play the entire show…three hours or so of one long set. The truth of living the words that most only speak. The thumptacular event was inspiring, edge leading and well a bassploration traveling through jazzed up jams, recognizable rockers and I believe I still have pieces of bass in my face. The band put forth full effort all night long, weaving in and out of an unmapped region and allowing us all to be in that one moment with them. The show had the potential to be a true “mothership” type moment if you allowed yourself to climb aboard. It’s rare to find a night that feels worth it, but this one was easily atop that list.

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