Imani Winds at Mills Hall

Here is what the show looked like on paper:

West Meets East

Startin’ Sumthing – Jeff Scott

Cane – Jason Moran
i. Togo to Natchitoches
ii. Coin Conin’s narrative
iii. Gens libre de coleur
iv. Natchitoches to New York

Suite: Portraits of Josephine Baker – Valerie Coleman
i. St. Louis 1920
ii. Les Milandes
iii. Paris 1925
iv. Thank you Josephine


Tzigane – Valerie Coleman

The Rite of Spring – Igor Stravinsky (Arr. Jonathon Russell)

Klezmar Dances – Trad arr. Gene Kavadlo
i. Kolomehke
ii. Frelekh

When Mister Jeff Scott and I spoke on the proGram a week prior to the show, I couldn’t believe him when he spoke of how the Stravinsky “The Rite of Spring” would rock like there was a complete orchestra, a rock N roll orchestra was in the room….Man, how he was riGht. Imani Winds played the parts build for their instruments but also made their instruments take on the beings of another sound producer, chameleons in the room. With each member introducing a portion of the proGram, the audience not only gets to know them through their agile playing, but with word from their voice, they’re way of describing what the moment was to bring, ever so slightly unique to our night with the band….I found this to be a very welcoming experience and very respectful to the piece of music about to be played. I was taken back and brought forward with Valerie’s piece “Portraits of Josephine Baker”, this moving story was captivating and challenging, and the way it made my mind dance was part of the reason I diGG the way Imani Winds hears, writes and makes songs. And just when we thought the evening was over, they came out for a second way to the crowd, and while standing, put on a great rendition of a great song….Coltrane’s “Afro Blue” took over the room and was the right way for me to walk, strut perhaps out of the room.

misterG/ Mister Jeff Scott of Imani Winds @ Mills Hall

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