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Every now and then the tracks lead to the station and other times the destination is unknown….I want to thank Jeff Scott of Imani Winds for being a guest on the show for being a the latter. We spoke in depth about what people can expect from the September 28th show at Mills Hall. We dove into that evening’s planned proGram, the contributors and the groups interpretations…I am looking forward to the celebration of sound that will be this show and hope that Jeff and I one day get to spin some tunes together at the station, or wherever the tracks take us…lead by our ears:

Gypsy Hymn- Furley
The Village- Lee Ritenour Ft. George Duke/Stanley Clarke/Dave Weckl & Munyungo
Baby, I’m the Creepin’ Vine- the New Orleans Radiators
GCS Drumline- Larry Graham & Graham Central Station
Throw ‘N Down the Funk- Larry Graham & Graham Central Station

Dance 4 Me- Prince
Smooth Taste- Tweed Funk
In the Garden- the Skinny
Booker- the Skinny

T’aint Nobody’s Business- Preservation Hall Jazz Band Ft. Steve Earle
Baby, I love you- Angelique Kidjo Ft. Dianne Reeves
Nobody’s Fault but Mine- Meshell NDegeocello Ft. Lizz Wright
Dyp Av Nade- That’s Why

Summons Song- Phillip Reebuck
Chimney Pete- Les Racquet
Doppler- Medeski Martin & Wood (live/acoustic)

MORAN: Cane I. Togo To Natchitoches (Excerpt)- Imani Winds
***On air conversation with Jeff Scott of Imani Winds***
SHORTER: Terra Incognita (Excerpt)- Imani Winds
Escher- Chilly Gonzales
Hey Joe- Brad Mehldau Trio
Do what She Told You- Marco Benevento

***On air conversation with Jeff Scott of Imani Winds***

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