Natural World ThouGht

Even Charles Darwin would discuss how the songs and sounds descend from a lineage, another point of natural worldly connection…and I’d take that Herbie Mann’s “Memphis Underground” album with me as a starting point:

Hang your Head and Cry- Scott H. Biram
Infrared Moses- Anywhere
Buoy Buoy, the Hand to Man Band ft. Mike Watt
All us Konked- the Hand to Man Band ft. Mike Watt

Rolling- Soul Coughing
Seed to a Tree- Blind Melon
Fire- the Red Hot Chili Peppers
Modern Man- That 1 Guy & his Magic Pipe
Cabin Fever- Joey Ramone
People all over the World- Mama Roo
Don’t Lock the Door- JC Brooks & the Uptown Sound
Run Run Run- Sly & the Family Stone
The World is a Beat- N’dambi
Amhara- the Shaolin Afronauts

Maxxo Sesh- the Aquarium
Magalenha- Galactic Ft. Casa Samba
Volume- Empresarios

Dr. Standby- Eufórquestra
Hold On, I’m Coming- Herbie Mann
Dr. Digglesworf- Lettuce
Dreams- Global Noize
Any Resemblance- Calibro 35
Teach yourself Braille- the Cutler
Sync Estate- the Cutler

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