Nina & the Mow

What a stranGe way the show will go…as expected at 11am we were live on air chatting it up with Nina Diaz from Girl in a Coma….we spoke about the upcoming set at the 2012 Fruit Fest that evening, the times and how they are changin’ and even a little bit about rock N roll. Then an unexpected treat, a blast from the past in Mustapha (former greenarrowradio co-host back in the EARliest of days), called in with a brush up on one of our later segments “the Mowing Report”. What a treat. Here’s what we dropped in your pumpkin during the middle set of the proGram:

May the Funk be with you- Celia Baron
Rush- Big Audio Dynamite II (NY City Club Version)
Glow Fam- Teams Ft. Dick Models
Play- Lettuce
Little Boxes- Todd Clouser’s A Love Electric

Cold Sweat- Cameron Mizell
Uum…Continue- Doug Johns
Elephants & Flowers- Prince
End of a Sun- the Shaolin Afronauts
Find the Others- the Cheebacabra
Boots- the Everyone Orchestra

***On Air Mowing Report with Mustapha***
Hold on me- Deep Soul Strut
Crossfire- Chris Daniels & the Kings
Sunny Garcia- Dead Capo
Kill the Poor- the Dead Kenny G’s
Faced you in a Neon Light- Yordan Orchestra
Hurricane- the Jamie McLean Band
Smart- Girl in a Coma
***On air conversation with Nina Diaz of Girl in a Coma***
One Eyed Fool- Girl in a Coma
No Strings No Ties- Groovesession
Bats in the Belfry- Groovesession
Red Hot Momma- Kim Manning
Spin- Kim Manning
Lee Van Cleef- Primus

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