Wan Fambul

Part two of the proGram gives out a big thank you to a solid cat and friend, Andrew McPherson of Eccodek for talkin’ about the “Remixtasy” album, the working with Bajah & the Dry Eye Crew on “Wan Fambul”, and the spirit behind how he opens his mind to the sounds. I also want to thank a Main Man in the music scene, Eric Herman of Modiba Productions for talking Bombino (here tonight at the High Noon Saloon), Vieux Farka Touré and Bajah & the Dry Eye Crew‘s endeavors as catalysts for peace in Sierra Leone. A truly maGical time on the proGram today. Here is the way it looked:

J- Nneka
Wild- Garrison Hawk w/Sly & Robbie
Higher Velocity- MC Zulu
Temi- Mo Kolours

Scale it Back- DJ Shadow ft Little Dragon (Kev Willow Remix)
Spacehall Dub- Eccodek (Deliveryboy Jet West Remix)

Wousobour- Vieux Farka Touré (Eccodek Remix)
***On Air Chat with Andrew McPherson of Eccodek***
Wi Na Wan Fambul- Bajah & the Dry Eye Crew (Eccodek Remix)
Courage- Vieux Farka Touré (Fabian Alsultany’s UFOs over Bamako Remix
War Don Don- Bajah & the Dry Eye Crew
***On air Conversation w/Eric Herman of Modiba***
Mammou Taliat- Bombino
Ahoulaghuine Akaline- Bombino (King Britt Remix)
Bronca (Lagartijeando Remix)- Mati Zundel

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