the next host in the Corner

Often, I have the next show host (tied up) in the corner awaiting his turn….but this time I just had him watch the extra hour go by while I did this on the show:

A Lot Like me- Emily Hurd
I won’t Tell a Soul- Emily Hurd
Here we go Again- Doris Day
Whatcha Gonna do when There ain’t no Swing- Catherine Russell
New Rock Song- the melDAVIANS

Boom Boom Boom- Da Cruz (Will Magid Remix)
The Porch- Beats Antique
Va Va Voom- Bassnectar ft. Lupe Fiasco
I Can’t Wait- Brother Ali

Jenny Davis- Dak & Leaf
Turn You on- Cris Cab ft. Melanie Fiona & Shaggy
So Smooth- All Good Funk Alliance

Aao Saiyo- Shabazz ft. Riffat Sultana & Sukhwat Ali
Bante- Bill Laswell & Gigi
Freedom is Free (Jef Stott Super Mix)- Opium ft. MC Rai

Silent Song- Eccodek (Tarun Nayer Mix)

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