Eliot Lipp Takes Beats Beyond

The Orpheum Theatre had a niGht of beats that spilled out into a crowd of wanting ears and bodies readied at the starting line to get on their individual moves and motions. Poised with colors glowing and smiles wrapped around the interior of the building, this audience quickly embraced the working beats of friend to the program Eliot Lipp. Just as we spoke of in our conversation during the last show, you could hear the inspiration from visits to great buildings housing great art….you could hear the difference, which quickly translates into “feelin’ it”. The symbiotic relationship between the drawn line and the sound line wasn’t lost on me as I soaked it in deep, with my own doing as it does. Eliot crafts his shows around the beats, not merely in the beats alone….it is within those spaces between the grooves where my ears meet Eliot Lipp’s miXes. I wonder what they miGht do for you?

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