Bonerama Bonanza

It was nice to hear from friend of the program, Charlie Wooton while doing a fill in the a few weeks back. He rang the show to let me know he’d be in town with Bonerama doing a masters class at the University and then a free show at Mills Hall. In talking with a few of the students backstage, they were all so pumped to have hooked up with Bonerama and the experience is certainly one of those I am sure is on many people’s list of things they wish they could do. It was great catching up with Charlie as he has so many things going on including a new upcoming album and tour with the Royal Southern Brotherhood. The band taught thirteen or so “bone” players a couple of tracks and discussed the things that turn them on by music. The students ended up on stage during the free show playing with the band in a concert. How cool! The set was strong and filled with solos from our Bonerama gang as well as the students, Charlie kicked in a fantastic solo during one of the hottest renditions of “Whippin’ Post” I have hEARd in a long time. With a regular mix of their own originals and some horn heavy covers, the night was one to remember and quite unique with the addition of all those jammin’ trombones on stage…..

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