Making Faces with Marco

I was fortunate enough to interview Marco Benevento the other day to promote his show at the Cafe Redamte on Friday night. I enjoyed being able to chat more with Marco about the scene he’s been seen in, the recent tunes he was working on, (which he shared with the audience during the intermission) and of course how hot the new tune “Fireworks” sounded during the first set. After some time on the top of the stairs, the piano and keys were jamming into and out of Marco’s own tunes and a nice collage of covers that had the eerie places inside my mind dancing with their own goblins….. I really get what Marco is laying down. He has a way when by himself or in Garage a Trois or with Joe or whomever that calls to my senses directly through my ear-holes. His solo piano show is an excellent reminder why we diGG what Marco does. His ability to interpret songs we already hold nEAR is almost like he has been sitting in on family conversations from the long ago past, and remembered important details as to what we like. His own songs sometimes feel like they were written in my own songbook, in my own writing and perhaps even on paper I, myself have made. I am glad to be able to call Marco a friend of greenarrowradio finally, and look forward to the next opportunity to hEAR him live, or spin that fresh new tune he has gathered riGht from inside of me….. (a big thank you to Kevin for making these things happen.)

Marco Benevento & MisterG making faces

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