Girl in a Coma in Madison

I have been a big fan of GIAC since I started doing radio and the combination of their sound and their placement on the Blackheart Records roster made me swoon with excitement many years ago. Since then I have interviewed Drummer Phanie Diaz and aired numerous worthy tracks on several new albums to promote shows here in Madison. This time at the High Noon Saloon was so rawwkkkin’ as this trio put forth a solid end of the tour effort, which combined their hooks and catches with that style they have all to themselves….better than the albums is the sound of a live show and Girl in a Coma sees to that, I guarantee. Lead guitarist and vocalist, Nina Diaz has apparently been referred to as “the female version of Morrissey” but in my opinion she is biGGer than that but doesn’t even know it. She is a star and the cool flows right off of her onto the stage. Jenn Alva and Phanie Diaz add to the cool that flows off the band, but theirs has rhythm and beat attached to it as they songs not only rock but resonate within. After meeting and hanging out with Joan Jett and Kenny Laguna, I would have loved to have been there when they first saw these girls back in In 2006 when the Girls played f at New York’s Knitting Factory as part of a cable TV show featuring unknown bands. Jett and Laguna were so impressed with the band that they signed GIAC to their label, Blackheart Records, on the spot. And I am ever thankful they come to Madison regularly, so lets support them on their journey through better next time, Madison rockers.

Before GIAC hit the stage, Atlanta was represented properly by The Coathangers. This band rocks in so many undefined ways that it is hard to describe. If I was there for GIAC, I would have been so satified with the way this band rocked me in such a badass way. From avant punk jams to catchy weirdness of non conformity, I would go see them anytime again. Please do yourself a favor and try to define them on your own as words do do it after just one introduction.

Opening the night was Black Box Revelation a duo from Belgium whos fuzzy guitar work and booming drums were a perfect way to get ready for the night to come. They had a soulful touch that kept the rockNroll fresh and new with each lick and crash.

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