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I have been reading a lot of proverbs from around the would, from different cultures to ancient lands it is clEAR if we all looked a little more within, we miGnt not feel so without. This first of three sets from today’s 4+ hour show had a fine mixture of Found Sound, that of which took off the location on the map, but left the meaning behind:

Space Oddity- Mike Garson
Delusion- Hiromi

Jumpin’ Jehoshaphat- the Spokes
Well you Needn’t- Joel Forrester/Phillip Johnston (live)
Certainly- Wadada Leo Smith’s Organic

Postizo-Marc Ribot y Los Cubanos Postizos
Tex Mex Jungle- MathGames!
Etnik- Ilhan Ersahin’S Istanbul Sessions

Homework Machine- Shel Silverstein
Appetizer #4- Garcia/Grisman/Rice
Shady Grove- Garcia/Grisman/Rice
I’ve got Dreams to Remember- Warren Haynes (live)
Real Good Thing- Marc Broussard
My Baby Don’t dig me- Ray Charles
Claudie Mae- Ray Charles

We the people- Catherine Russell
Walkin’ Blues- John Hammond (live)
Change will Come- Todd Wolfe Band (live)

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