Have a Bowl

The final portion of the meal is served hot and heavy….There was a jazzy taste followed by a couple of shakes of soul searchers. Washed down with some flavors from the edges of foreiGn shores…….feel free to slurp the bottomed of the bowl:

Swing Thing- 11 Acorn Lane
Spectators- Chris Joss
Blue Shops- Skeebo Knight

Señor_Blues- Horace Silver
Tirititran Catalan- Miles Español
Return to Silence- Carmen Rizzo
the Murf- Rendezvous

Dia Luna Dia Pena- Manu Chao (the Polish Ambassador remix)
Humanised- Sola Rosa FT Bajka
Opt Chop Intermission- the Beekeepers
Bab Manara- the Dunes FT Snakkr Horn Mix

Gordito Cabezon- Jose Conde
Yejmaya- Conjunto Cespedes (live)
Voy la Hacer Feliz- Joaquin Diaz (live)
Ofrenda- Lila Downs (live)
Fiesta Campesina- Los Pleneros de la 21 (live)

Dog with a Rope-Quantic Presenta Flowering Inferno
Metele Mano- Chico Mann (Aja West/Cheeba Remix)

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