STS9 in Rochester

So I took a trip to Rochester NY and was able to catch a STS9 show while there thanks to the fine folks working with the band. (you know who you are). The event at Water Street Music Hall was sold out and man, was it worth being shoulder to shoulder with people for. Sound Tribe Sector 9 has that great live appeal to me that many bands can only hope to achieve. Their “do it all” attitude really comes off as a more than a show for those in attendance. While still maintaining a top spot as an electronica group, STS9 is much more. They are not pigeon-holed into one category and at a live show you can truly tell by the difference in the crowd, which is what makes the live show so real to the places I like to find myself. They are a group that is aware of more than music, giving back comes to them in more ways than just a live show and they are not afraid to let their music roots dangle out there, soil and all……I found myself feeling rocked and jammed and certainly electro-fried up just right during their performance and if you have not had the opportunity to check them out, you certainly don’t have to hop a plane like I did this time around, but take a look on their site and make Sound Tribe Sector 9 a reason to get out and see live innovative music, sure to have you bobbin’ and dancing inside and out.

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