EOTO Wild Time

Every time I hit the EOTO scene it seems to get better and better for me. The whole experience. This time they were back at the Majestic with a crowd full of people who get it. And boy, we “Got It”. The impromptu nature of the music made the niGht’s sounds like our very own chapter together, a shared musical journey that we really get a chance to help write. Not only was the sound graBBed deeply by my ear-holes, but the light show and visuals attached themselves in concert with what Michael and Travis were creating in that moment. If for some reason you haven’t found the time to find this more than a dubstep act called EOTO, I’d hope you’d find a little room to let them into your life and I promise they’ll color your evening with new hues and expose you to new sounds/songs/ and in the right now feelings that I have found hits me when I Coltrane myself.

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