Minds Off #1

feelin’ out of touch with the one they call G. So here is a way to turn the mind off, part one of three.

Julie- Tricked out Country
Sativa- David Grisman
I ain’t Never- Jerry Garcia/David Grisman
Rusty Cage- Johnny Cash
Momma was an Opium Smoker- Rasputina
Misirlou (theme from Pulp Fiction)- 2 Cellos
Walking in your Footsteps- the Police (live)
the Neighborhood- Los Lobos (live
StranGe Weather- Tom Waits (live)
Rain Fall Down- the Rolling Stones
Small Hours- Robert Smith
Green Flower Street- Donald Fagan
One hell of a Party- Air
Move on Easy- Little Barrie
Free at Last- G Love & Special Sauce
Sack O’ Woe- Van Morrison w/George Fame & Friends
Minha Menina- Band of Bees
Travel Signs- the Hourly Radio
Persistent Intermission- Spain Colored Orange
Supra Genius- Soul Coughing
Fantasma- monstrO

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