wasn’t Gonna but did

I was barely prepared the other day to do a show never-mind the entire 5 hours once again…but at the last moments it felt riGht to get in the studio and make the radio-a-go-go. The first show really was interesting with the way it took shape….here it is for your shapenaming eyes:

I Think U are Great- Yellow Ostrich
Campaign- Yellow Ostrich
The Deep- Data Romance

Shine Moon- Ben Prestage
National Ransom- Elvis Costello
Goodbye- Antigone Rising
Heaven in Stereo-Shilpa Ray & her Happy Hookers

Haunting at 1300 McKinley- the Black Angels
Kick some Life- New Wet Kojak
Comin’ at Ya- Ladell McLin
Talkin’ loud & Sayin’ Nothing- Living Color
Storm- Lenny Kravitz FT Jay Z
Percy- Head of Femur
Run Away from Time- Ray Davies
It’s All Around you- Release the Sunbird
Against my Ruin- Glenn Jones
The man with the X Ray Eyes- Triple Fret
Outside & Inside- the String Cheese Incident (live)
Mojo 305- Albert Castiglia
When you gotta good Friend-Big Head Blues Club ft H.Sumlin/R.Foster

Catfish Blues-Taj Mahal w/Culture Musical Club of Zanzibar
Ceutara- Copal
In a Hole- Brazz Tree
Especially Visually Vicious Suspicion- the Drug Budget
Size 10 1/2 Sneaks- Bill Frisell/Vernon Reid
Slow Blues for Fuzy’s Mama- D.Fiuczynski/J.Medeski
The Bearded Woman meets Fedor the Giant- Razl
Pablo Leon- Afuche
Mouse- Secretary
Across State Lines- Bobby Previte

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