Music bag air out

did an extra hour after the show~ time for clearing some of the ones I have been carrying around for a bit trying to find their perfect home….they moved into the neighborhoods like this:

Cowpoke- Javelin
CumbiĆ³n del Sur- Mr. Pauer ft. Itagui
Rio Arriba- Chancha Via Circuito
Ojala- Federico Aubele
Baoba Weogo- Alif Naaba
Nuwaruguma- Aurelio

Hardmastered- Portland Cello Project
The Sermon- Hampton Hawes
Circle of Life- Mark Rapp
Should I Stay or Should I go-the Jolly Boys FT Albert Minott
You got me Floatin’- P.M. Dawn
Creation Keeps the Devil Away- Hess is More
The Moon is Disgusting- That 1 Guy
Jazz is the Teacher, Funk is the Preacher-Oneida
What’d I say- Elvis Presley

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