Gogol Bodello w/Forro

A dream line up for my ears. I have been a fan of Forro in the Dark for many years now, interviewing friend of the program, Mauro Refosco on a couple of occasions~most recently this past show on greenarrowradio. Forro opened up the evening with a blend of tradition and danceable party music that had bodies moving instantaneously and this Halloween audience was ready to party. The humble nature of this band settled in nicely with the folks in Madison at the Overture Center, who must have walked away from Forro in the Dark thinking of inviting them back into their community anytime. Next was Gogol Bordello, who was a perfect treat on a night of tricks. The energy dripped off onto the crowd, raucous rowdy organized chaos ensued with heavy rock and hearty rolls that there was no where to go but up up up. The messages rang loud and clear and to people who were listening. I’d have to say that the world of music is a better place for having Gogol Bordello around doing it as they do. Its mayhem that makes pure sense. If the chance arises, theses are acts not to be missed.

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