Listening outward & backwards

I was there part 4- Maya Beiser
Don Juan- Pierre de Gaillande

J.N.P.T.- Billy Bright & Wayne CHOJO Jacques
Gypsy Funk- Whitewater Ramble FT. Grant Gordy
Scramble- California Guitar Trio (live)
Red Streamline- Little Feat (live)
Over the Edge- Little Feat
Fat Man in the Bathtub- Little Feat (live)
Eyes of the World- the String Cheese Incident (live)
For you My love- Nikki Armstrong (live)
Ring of Fire- Brian Stoltz (live)
Check out your Mind-Porter/Batiste/Stoltz w/Page McConnell (live)
Tell Me- Charlie Wooton Project
This & That- Jamal Thomas
I Want the Funk- Karl Denson
Power- Marcus Miller (live)
Future Shock- Curtis Mayfield
Sling Shot- Skeebo Knight
Do it Twice- Robi Kahakalan
Real Situation- Funkadesi

Blowin’ in the Wind- Don Carlos
Philosophy- Reds and Blue
Running from the Cops- Phantogram
My Enemies Lay Beneath the Prairie- Gangstagrass
Le Vengeur Masque- Sheetah et Les Weissmuller
Window- Lenelle Moise

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