Reuben’s Train/Little Sadie/Soldier’s Joy-Billy Bright/Wayne Jacques
Joy- Lucinda Williams
Back to the House that Love Built- Tito & Tarantula
the Sky is Crying- Gregg Allman & Warren Haynes (live)
On a Saturday Night- Buddy Guy
Cool With Me Tonight- Davis Coen
Cold Beer’s a Mickey’s Pub- Ali Baba’s Train
Sissyfuss- Surprise me Mr. Davis
Mixin’ in the Kitchen- Lubriphonic
Igneous Pillow- the Hue
Mutator- Jeff Bujak

Sweet Pea Dreams- MMW
Bill Collector- the Jive Turkeys
Junior’s Swamp Sauce- Cameron Mizell

Same old Fool- JTQ
Rite of the Ancients- The Budos Band
No Answer- Ikebe Shakedown

Fair Sex & Merciless Crfimes- Calibro 35
Asunction- Cuchata

the Revolt of the Cockroach People-Ocote Soul Sounds & Adrian Quesada
Akwaaba(you are Welcome)- Occidental Brothers Dance Band
Sangue Africano (Remix)- SambaDa
Rain Rain- Taj Weekes & Adowa
Oh What a Joy- Wingless Angels w/Keith Richards

Great- Mystic Bowie
Noah’s Ark- Pressure Cooker
A Bit Odd- Djoumbush feat. Warhol Dervish
Izgubljeno Jangnje- Brass Menazeri

Esperanza- Chris Burton Jacome
I Thought So- Fabrizio Sotti
Tiny Tapper- Tomo Fujita
Stoned baby- TriBeCaStan

Pony- Annette Peacock
Games without Frontiers- Bob Holroyd
Road Less Travelled- Lenelle Moise
Simplesemente- Bebel Gilberto(Tom Middleton Cosmos Mix)
Soul Fever- Simbad feat. Steelo
Purple Cactus- Nobody Beats the Drum

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