the Wood Brothers in Madison

I have been spinning Oliver Wood’s music for so many years now…from King Johnson to the Wood Brothers, this soulful sound has accompanied my sets as focal points and finally I got the chance to see the Wood Brothers and say an overdue face to face hello to Oliver. We got dashes from sounds off the new album (out soon) and many of the classic Wood Brothers tunes (Atlas, Chocolate on my Tongue) that make me lick my lips in a savory satisfaction. The crowd was deep, sweaty and into the steady rockin’ smooth groove of this trio had in store for us on that particular Madison evening by the lakeside. We had many the opportunity to get our deep moves on but the key to the success of these guys to my ears is what they do does to my soul. I feel the music and I truly feel like I am sitting on a bus stop bench waiting with some of the words that are put to the music that has me captured. This is a band that the music really moves me.









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