Marquette Waterfront Festival deux

Day 2

It was easy to see why so many people are paying attention to Ontario’s Great Lake Swimmers, the songwriting and expression are easily shared with the band and the audience, just like at the Marquette festival. A shower of rain was fitting as was the moment when the sun peeked out to stay at the wail of the vocals calling it to……This is a band that tells a story, with its storytelling.

Great Lake Swimmers at the Marquette Waterfront Fest 6/13


The Tony Allen Band at the Marquette Waterfront Festival 6/13

Now this is what it is all about for me. I felt the moment the drums were struck that I was back home…wherever that truly is. Tony Allen and his band made the music festivals are all about, but more importantly to me as an individual…it is the music I feel so close to. Afro Beat is, and that’s because of Mr. Tony Allen. It was an honor to hear him and his band smoke it live and it was filled with grooves that make the spot you are in feel so close to home.








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