JC Brooks & the Uptown Sound

JC Brooks and the Uptown Sound brought it to the Terrace in such a hip soulful way tonight that I left the place not only in a buzz, but hearing a buzz coming from the crowd as we grooved past one another in front of the stage, by the lake and even on the way to the car. Little did I know that good friend, Mr Greenweedz was the nights MC of sorts. His on the spot word rhyming machine that keeps the interludes as fresh as the new sound this band creates. One part James Brown, one part Soul Train and one part Liquid Soul mixes up brings on a true reason to be happy that your soul survives. JC Brooks has the charm and presence that commands your attention, because you WANT to hear what he is sayin’ as he walks you into a song……The horns were tight and the guitar work ripped nasty…but Greenweedz in the moment rhyme attack put a hip hop hug on an already well wrapped musical package. One with a soul’s soul. I was happy to run into my old friend and glad to make more musical friends like JC and the band to encourage new ears to open up for…This is a band that realizes that soul music ain’t only just begun….but its always in it’s beginning stages. They have borrowed something from the great legends and added the right amount of themselves to be worthy of such danceable now times and look back times that’ll last decades. Speaking of making music that lasts…JC Brooks & the Uptown Sound had the pleasure, wait maybe it was our pleasure, of opening up this night for The Heavy.








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