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The stage was set for a time that sticks into my memory, like all moments that tug at my emotions and feelings. Just as mentioned in my conversation with Anoushka the week prior, there were Indian Classical instruments that were being stretched beyond even some of the most captivating music I have yet to discover. As Anoushka mentioned, there was a piece that started the second “set” that was a mixture of the giant sitar sounds and a flamenco beat and rhythm, it had me moving in a way that my mind seemed to lead my tapping soul and I could feel the roof rising underneath this exploration. There were pieces written by Anoushka, by her father, as well as collaboration between Anoushka and the guys in the Project. Speaking of the band, for me there is a special energy that radiates from the vibe (not only the music created by) of Tanmoy Bose. He is famous for his tabla playing and has accompanied by Anoushka and Pundit Ravi Shankar for years….there is an unspoken something that he possesses with each other musician on stage, but the looks between he and Anoushka make the music travel….to well…places I am always thankful to be a part of. Ravichandra Kulur was stellar on the flute, it is easily recognizable why he is one of the most sought after flutists in India, performing solo and experimental music globally. He has mastered the art of playing the Kanjira (Tamborine) and that too was well evident in this evening performance. Pirashanna Thevarajah (joined in for the second set) is a speedy percussionist (Mridangam) playing both eastern and western percussion and showed off some rather speedy vocalizations that were bouncing off the walls like a rubber ball. Nick Able is a disciple of maestro Ravi Shankar and is an amazing artists in many spaces of media, tonight he was featured on the Tanpura. Those who know me and my likes of different sounds and how they weave into others sounds that one might not expect, will have to believe me when I say my respect and admiration for Anoushka Shankar grows immeasurably at time because of her vision gained through her sound exploration, she is on wavelengths I have not shared musically with many people and I am so honored to be a part of what she does. Here’s the evening’s performance from the Stoughton Opera House:

Yaman Manj
Ragu Vamsa Sudha
Voices of the Moon


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