JBB & Toubab Krewe

The Majestic had a certain feel and smell to it Sunday night, on an Easter Sunday with the students away there was a beautiful room of people that really felt their rockin’ grOOves together. John Brown’s Body and Toubab Krewe are sharing the bill, flopping headliner positions nightly on this recent tour and for me when the boys in John Brown’s Body opened up the show, I was ready to get ready. The dubbed reggae sounds filled the room with instant joy and plenty of innovative dance expressions. The trio of horns sent shiver me timbers down to my feet and took perfect care of my musical head. Overall this 8 piece outfit brings a sense of powerful journey to the future riddems landscape, like flying into the unknown in a Boombastic air balloon. After I interviewed drummerTommy Benedetti on the show last week, we chatted heavy on out Boston connections….Mr. Rourke, Micro and the Red Sox and we had a chance to catch the end of the home opener at Fenway together backstage with results that cause an ear to ear grin…and the Sox won too!! Toubab Krewe smashed onto the scene with their deep rock and roll rhythms accompanied by those traditional Malian instruments, causing a storm to blow over the crowd that reminds me that certain collaborations are just meant to be. I love the storm that takes over the group in a room as Toubab does that jamming thing that they do best in a live setting..So man, can you just imagine the positive vibes sent out into the cosmos as these two acts are touring around together. And even I got in some of those innovative dance grooves as the night quickly turned into morning time. Yes To Live Music.



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