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I was busy in the studio today, three different interviews, all of which were great additions to the show….I want to thank Taj for using my tag line with his campaign to inform the people of St. Lucia of the risks creating such a large number of diabetes in the country. I want to thank Peter for being available on the road supporting such a fantastic album, and Charlie for being a person I feel I have known for so long, musically and otherwise.

The World’s Longest Hot Dog- Brother Dege
Come Around- the Contribution
Orangutan- Charlie Wooton Project
$4/Gal- Teddy Presberg
My Darling what a Shame- Moist Paula Henderson

Hard Groove- the RH Factor
Work Very Hard- Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad (live)
the Nod- Fat Freddy’s Drop
**Conversation with Taj Weekes**
Little Fire- Taj Weekes & Adowa
Strings- DJ Center
the Shining Path- RJD2 feat. Phonte Coleman
Takin’ you Back- Dayton Flic w/JUSTICE Dilla X

Here we go- Ozomatli
Cookie Puss- Liquid Soul (live)
So Hard to Say- Charlie Wooton Project
**Conversation with Peter Seymour of Project Trio**
Visual Machine-m Project Trio
Put Everything Together- Plus
Athens- Charlie Hunter
***Conversation with Charlie Wooton***
Day Dreaming ’bout you- Charlie Wooton Project


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