Trance Groove

By The Julien Kasper Band. I have been spinning music mad by Julien Kasper for many years now and I am once again struck with the sounds put forth on his latest release Trance Groove on Toulcat Records. The nine tracks are filled with personality where needed and some rock as desired. There are some extra jams on the Hammond B-3 Organ by Matt Jenson & T Lavitz that add a certain warmth to their respected tracks making me gravitate to “The Reverend” & “Riff 53” (featuring Jenson) as well as “Chupacabra” and the soft spoken “Carolina Rose” (featuring Lavitz). There are two tracks that are the heavier hitters on the album for my radio ear, “Trash Day” & “Milk Truck” have edges that cut a path right into my ear-ways paved and rolled by Julien on guitar, Zac Casher on drums and Jesse Williams on electric/acoustic upright bass. As always, it is a thrill to listen to and even more thrilling is to be able to share the music of Julien Kasper in my little radio world.


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