Ceiba Funkraiser

Funk for the forest! All proceeds support the Ceiba Foundation for Tropical Conservation. Ceiba works with rural landowners in Ecuador to help create and sustain locally-run biodiversity reserves. The Lalo Loor Dry Forest and El Pahuma Orchid Reserve are two examples of our lands-in-private-hands approach, which empower local people to successfully manage their own resources. Ecuador is one of the world’s most biodiverse countries, so every penny raised in the US has an enormous conservation impact there. Tonight’s terrific entertainment line-up will start at 8:00pm. With an auction and other events to be held throughout the night — you could walk home with a fabulous tropical orchid! Check out the awesome lineup: “If Chafo was a stew: Funk would be the broth, Reggae, Blues and Hip-Hop would be the ingredients, and Latin would be the spice.” No tropical party would be complete without a heavy dollop of musica latina, you can feel the equatorial heat! The Gomers – “One of the best bands I ever saw, a legendary and inestimably important band, but more than that. Not so much a band as – well, more like a squad of gods. A God Squad. A full-on, balls-out God Squad of Rock.” These cats can do just about anything, and this evening they will purr out some of the funkiest tunes in the forest. Tani Diakite & the Malian Blues Band’s rootsy, danceable groove earns the band most of its accolades. But the group…is also about producing good vibes.” An original blend of African sounds, Tani and friends put out a groove that’s irresistable. WADOMA is a West African Dance troupe that “brings the colorful fabric of African life to the Midwest.” Drum-laden rhythms pour from this group, they are sure to get your tail wagging!


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