Julian Marley & the Uprising

JULIAN MARLEY & THE UPRISING featuring STEPHEN MARLEY “AWAKE” NORTH AMERICAN TOUR 2009 hit Madison at the Barrymore and was there a feeling of unity inside the walls. The conscious awareness of the music made it easy to get immersed in the positive vibe Julian brings around with him, and shares in the message of his lyrics and the island rhythms of the band. The crowd was diverse and never divided as we were always under the guide of the Rastafarian spirit as it too was AWAKE with this night’s uprising. Featuring many tracks off the new album, the songs were traveling throughout the hall on the wings of smoke and gladly they collided with a couple of Bob Marley classics~because after all, why not start from the beginnings. With a few songs left for the night, Stephen joined on stage and the electricity of that collaboration took off with more power than any man made facility could conjure up, the attitude & altitude of the performance was on the rise..




…the bouncing, the smiling and the IRIE feelings were the bond that kept this night’s unity alive and breathing. It was a time when Reggae music came to life as Autumn has been ready to change to Winter, and this show helped keep a little summer time in my mind.

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