JFJO & Mike Gordon

With the release of the new album, One day in Brooklyn (actually put together in one day…in Brooklyn) I was so looking forward to see what the boys from Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey would have going on this time in a live setting. As the crowd started to grow with each stroke on the keys, Brian Haas and gang really had the sound thumping in a strut that was walking all over me. Doing tracks off of the new album as well as some Brian informed us in our chat Saturday morning, some that were written during the traveling on this tour. He wasn’t kidding at all when he said ‘there was a lot of creativity going on in the group right now’. The hour long set was a journey of emotional music, rockin’ slides and percussion 7 bass that has your head nodding in approval the whole time. There was even time to throw in a well crafted rendition of an old Beatles classic.



Mike Gordon did what I would expect Mike Gordon to do….played 2 long sets into the early hours with all the jamband sounds that any kitchen cupboard could hold. The Barrymore Theatre pond was filled with many a Phish-head and the scene was as much fun to watch as was the band for me. A ripping guitarist (Scott Murawski) was the real treat for me during the sets….


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