Wouldn’t you Watcha Clan…..

It is not very often that I feel like a band is becoming like family here in Madison, but Marseilles’ Watcha Clan sure is more than just another group visiting. Since they came here this summer for Le Fete de Marquette, they seem to have a second home right here at anytime. On this night, the Crystal Corner was the location that was fortunate to hold the sounds of Watcha Clan’s immense soul….there was spirit in the air~not just beats or lyrics but a conscious being formed with the music. Between the on stage musicians there is more chemistry than in a high school science class, like they were meant to make this happen. It is so easy to become part of the essence of this act. I find myself memorized by the grooves, the heavy and the softened down…..the true nature of this scene is something to behold and hold on tightly too. There is more to this band then genre or style…as they defeat and deflect the two of those like an unknown superhero of “eclecticity”…..it is the “real” that is behind the artists and the “strength” around their art that is such a temptress~that I look forward to the next time I find Watcha Clan is back for one more time. This band means a lot to the part of me that transcends the sound….with them come nostalgia.





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