Friday Night with DJ Rekha

This past Friday I had the pleasure of hanging out a little backstage with Rekha before the show and we did a little interview thing (more on that to come). I am not one for the on the scene interviews but when that is all that works I am down for sure. DJ Rekha is serious about what she is doing, and how she portraits her seriousness is with some killer Bhangra beats that explore not only the inner regions of the ears, but it certainly filters through my brain simultaneously. Watching her work the segues and slam the hefty beats that “speakerbang” and erupt the dancefloor with unique blends of movement that causes me to get my notepad out. Opening the night was DJ Phil Money, who highlighted my night with some sweet “Pimps of Joytime” with a middle mix of some of Jah’s music….it was a night that lasted long~like you hope for.


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