WSUMix Fill in

Did a fill in show for Mr. Dance yesterday morning before my show, as he was off for the holiday weekend….his show, WSUMix is a dancey sort of thang so I did what came to my dancing mind thru my dancing feets…don’t fail me now….

Miss Candy- the High Decibels
Duke gonna get ’em- the High Decibels
Wipe ’em Off- Da Boyz
Ill Vacation- the Mighty Underdogs feat Lyrics Born
Eye of the Hurricane- SONICBLOOM

the Garden- Cut Chemist
Watch that Sound- DJ Vadim feat emo
Daydreaming about Dub- Mad Professor/Ariwa Artists
Soul Fire- Tom Tom Club
Love to Love you Baby- Tom Tom Club
Ultra Flava-Heller & Farley Project (Peter Tong Mix)
Gettin’ into it- Sylk 130 (Brother ? Mix)
Last Night a DJ Saved my Life-Sylk 130 (FK Dub)
Rumi go Through me- Dub Gabriel
Carried Away- Bassnectar
Qalander- Cheb i Sabbah
PD 7- Anoushka Shankar/Karsh Kale
Silent Song- Eccodek
17 Birds outside my Window- Suphala
Arruga-Soulive w/Ekene Nwokoye (Tycoon & Kraz mix)
Ride the Wave- the JMC Project
the Melee- the Beastie Boys
Rocket Science- Astronauts of Antiquity
Soup du Jour- Astronauts of Antiquity w/Cee Knowledge

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