Waterfront Festival Part Deux


Mon Aime Vieux Farka Toure made things seem like the should for me….The sound of his guitar transcends music and clears a journey out of once was a pathless landscape. And on this journey I was happy to be able to spend some time catching up with Tim and Vieux before and after the show as it is always nice to spend time with people from past moments…..The music that Vieux and his band put out at this festival had the crowd in an amazement whirl~there were new dances being born right before my eyes…the African Jam Blues rock and roll deeply rooted in traditional Malian Blues music has gone in its own direction and it just GOES. The charm and charisma is a part of Vieux that flows off onto the crowd easily and kept a “connection” with the listeners~people became more than festival goers…I run out of words for my experiences with sounds and people that deeply affect me and Vieux and his music keep me pretty quiet at times….I managed to pick up the new cd FONDO to do the talking for me in the upcoming weeks.

Bonsoir, Catin was on before Vieux and featured authentic cajun music that is energetic, passionate and heart-felt, leading the Madison crowd to cut a, well… cut a festival lawn into a dusty dance square filled with couples embraced in a Cajun swing. Bonsoir, Catin is an all-woman Cajun band. Their music is an expression of what it is to be a Cajun woman–feminine, classy, smart, brave, take-charge, and no-nonsense, and has emerged as one of South Louisiana’s most exciting new Cajun bands.


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