1st live album for Jake

Ukulele Master and friend of the program, Jake Shimabukuro has his first live album released on Hitchhike Records. There are several moments during one of Jake’s live shows to be amazed by what sound can be made with a four stringed instrument, but imagine it being captured and sifted through by the artist after several performances were recorded and the best of the best (as seen through Jake’s eyes) were put on the first full-length CD since 2006′ “Gently Weeps”. The 17 song album include 12 originals ( 4 of which are brand new) and 5 covers (including an incredible version of J.S. Bach’s “Two Part Invention No.4 in D Minor” and a unique interpretation of Michael Jackson‘s “Thriller”. Not only does this release capture the innovation behind the sound that Jake can create musically but the playfulness and joy that accompanies the art with the artist….Checkout “Jake Shimabukuro LIVE” for more of what I mean.

Jake Shimabukuro Live.jpg

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