David Sanchez at The Union

David Sanchez weaves the multi-cultural threads of North and Latin American cultures into a colorful musical tapestry, the common ground being the spirit of the drum. Sanchez’ robust sound, taut melodic focus and stirring rhythmic articulation reflect a talent wise beyond his years. His sense of originality transcends mere technical concerns. Sanchez is searching for fresh ways to enrich the jazz vocabulary. “I wanted to be in touch with my roots,” says Sanchez, “which come from Latin America. I believe that Latin jazz was born in the U.S., but I also believe that we are really one: North America, South America, the Caribbean. There are native people in these places who are related to each other. I’m trying to put that together in my music, trying to get in touch with the unity of it all while I integrate the stylistic elements from the different regions.” In late 1991, Dizzy Gillespie spoke glowingly of his latest protege, “There’s a young tenor player from Puerto Rico – the youngest member of the United Nation Orchestra – … David Sanchez, good, very reserved mind, very old mind, knows his changes, knows where he’s going and knows where he’s coming from.” Unarguably one of the most important and exciting young artists to emerge on the jazz scene in recent years, Sanchez’ uncommon talent, dedication and personal charisma will assuredly place him among the giants of jazz in the coming years….oh and by the way, he has since been awarded a Grammy….and on this night the room felt what mentor and student work so hard to achieve–oneness. This was the headline event for the Isthmus Jazz Fest and spirits were uplifted thrrough Mr. Sanchez’ saxophone and tight tight band…man were they tight.
Before the David Sanchez show I caught a set from the Tim Whalen Nonet, which totally made Coltrane’s Alabama come out to play while dazzling a filled up room at der Rathskeller at the UW with improvised spirit and soul.


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