and along came the Hussy

Original 2 piece garage rock-N-roll punk group the Hussy stopped bye the studio to spin some of their favorite tunes, lot of vinyl was spun and the chatter was unforgettable on such a blue skied day. A happy caller named Dayna won a Hussy tee-shirt (which is way cool) and I got a chance to get a garage rock punk type of a show under my belt with several local artists and independent labels working to make new music and musicians have a chance to get their art out there…..Here is what we all played when the needles hit the 7″ splits:

Oh Apollo- Mystery Girls
Irukandji- Smith Westerns
Volcano- Turbo Fruits
Candy- Tuff Bananas
Plant the Seed- the Honey Slides
Rock -n- Roll no Rules- the Points
Safe at Home- The Goodnight Loving
Breakdown- the Reatards
The River- the Zygoteens
Headset- the Hussy
Summertime Road- the Barbaras
Molly Molly- the Midwest Beat
Automatic- Sleeping in the Aviary
Timebox- the Plexi 3
Glimpse of a Ghost- the Forbidden Tigers
Sexiest- Sonic Chicken 4
Greed Money Useless Children- Jay Reatard
Wild Life- Cheap Time
She Likes it- Dead Ghosts
Borrowed Time- Pink Reason
ICU- Black Time
Buzzards & Dreadful Crows- Guided by Voices
One Time- the Hussy
Snakes- the Hussy
Hey Come On- Verbena


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