pat mAcdonald & MelanieJane

Stopped by the Overture for a little Thursday after hours music and beverage and the show was Pat mAcdonald & MelanieJane. The songs were of biting humor and rock and roll with just enough of a bluesy touch where you could feel the heads bobbing with a certain known understanding. Pat creates songs that people want to hear and share with people they care about. These songs carried a load of tongue and cheek humor easily caught for those paying attention…..I found the new sounds and songs to be a bit refreshing and the delivery was certainly something to be seen in person. MelanieJane seems to backbone the sounds with her rhythm makers and percussive ways while busting out the electric cello at times to further captivate the listening ears..I have a feeling you’ll be hearing a little more about these two coming up in the near future on greenarrowradio…Stay Tuned.


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