Silk Road Ensemble

I was very excited that on the occasion of the Novruz Celebration, the Center for Russia, East Europe and Central Europe brought a free performance from the Silk Road Ensemble. The evenings performers were Shahyar Daneshgar on percussion and vocals, Noruz Mamedov on vocals/saz/percussion, Arif Bagirov on tar/saz/Azerbaijani guitar and Rashad Mamedov on keyboards and Garmon. This cultural and musical journey takes the sounds and styles from that long wide band of land from Turkey to China which brought wealth and knowledge back in both directions. This main point between East and West created a unique and infulential arts scene which still flourishes today. The show was an attempt to help spring peek her head through…the sounds this group brought certainly could have woke up any deity in charge of seasons or weather…these artists create a dialogue with instruments and vocals that have morphed into a new audio-vernacular. I am thankful for their visit.


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