the Sound rolled in

Took a little extra time during the open schedule and put out some rocking sounds including local act The Hussy. It’s always nice to be able to throw out there some tunes I dig that I wouldn’t share otherwise due to just not enough air time…….

Natural’s Not in it- Gang of Four
Sacrificial Lambs- Warren Zevon
Brother my Cup is Empty-Nice Cave & the Bad Seeds
Soft N EZ- Japancakes
Move with you- Pork Tornado
Little dog- Blue Miracle
Hey Now Now- Chris Huff
Mahalo- Devon Allman’s Honeytribe
Sweet Jane- Lou Reed (live)
Get it On- Grinderman
Bob (Cousin O.)- Evil Stig
Last to Know- Evil Stig
Herbie- the Hussy
Snakes- the Hussy
One Word- the Hussy

Right Brigade- Bad Brains
Red- King Crimson (live)
And then you Realize you Haven’t Left Yet-Cheer Accident
Dig the Hole- the Voodoo Organist
That Same old Feel Once Again- Crazy Mary
My Cat’s Name is Maceo-Janes Addiction with Maceo Parker
Street Fighting Man- the Chesterfield Kings
Can’t Believe it- the Chesterfield Kings
Shine on you Crazy Diamond-Col Les Claypool’s Fearless Frog Brigade (live)
Country Death Song- Violent Femmes (live)
How in the Hell did you get Back here-Backyard Tire Fire
Garden of Thieves- Jamie McLean
Love Stands time- Cashman
Woke up Pissed…-John Lisi & Delta Funk
Oh Billy- Sirsy
Riddles- Joan Jett & the Blackhearts
So Romantic- the Charms
Race car Driver- Girl in a Coma
Apple Pie- Southern Crush
Kitten Next Door- a Brokenheart Pro
It’s You- Pictures & Sound

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